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ASTRO-1 Requirements Team

The ASTRO-1 Requirements Team (ART) guides the science performance of the ASTRO-1 space telescope.


Enabling ‘Hubble 2.0’

Building on Hubble's legacy, this new UV-Visible space telescope mission will provide unprecedented views of the cosmos and alien worlds. ASTRO-1 is a 1.8-meter diameter space telescope with a novel off-axis, unobscured design that delivers a wide field of view for its large digital camera. Its high orbit will nearly double the observing efficiency of Hubble.

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ASTRO-1 cutaway view
galaxy NGC 7049

New Discoveries

The ASTRO-1 observatory is designed to support goals and objectives described in major scientific, technical and programmatic reports by NASA, the National Research Council, and other science community-based organizations. A wide range of scientific programs can be accomplished, impacting topics across space astronomy, astrophysics, fundamental physics, and planetary science.

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Advanced Space Telescope

The ASTRO-1 space observatory will incorporate unique, state-of-the-art instrumentation for carrying out its world-class science programs. The imager has a minimum field of view 10x larger than Hubble’s cameras with filters to optimize observations of planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulae. The UV-visible spectrograph will reveal physical conditions in a variety of space environments and high contrast imaging will enable searches for exoplanets and exozodiacal dust around nearby stars.

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ASTRO-1 instrumentation

ASTRO-1 Activities

We are currently fundraising to support the ASTRO-1 Requirements Team (read more about ART), engineering design work, and Primary Mirror construction. Your contributions are vital!

ASTRO-1 Requirements Team

The ART will be a 12-member panel of scientists with expertise in the scientific areas that ASTRO-1 can impact. (See the ASTRO-1 Science page for example scientific areas.) ART members will include observational astronomers, theoretical astrophysicists, planetary scientists and experts in space instrumentation. We also intend to have one or more representatives from the non-professional astronomy community serve on the ART, as well as students/early career researchers.

The purpose of the ART is to devise a set of objectives and a representative observing plan, called a Design Reference Mission (DRM), that ASTRO-1 could undertake during its 5-year baseline mission. The ART will begin with the design and capabilities described on the ASTRO-1 Technology page and modify them to maximize ASTRO-1’s scientific and public engagement impact. The ART website will allow interested persons to follow progress and provide input/feedback.

The ART will be active for about a year, holding telecons and several face-to-face workshops, modeling the performance of the observatory, composing the DRM, producing a final report and disseminating its results to the broader community. Our industry partners will monitor the ART’s activities and workshops, providing feedback concerning technical feasibility and cost. Donated funds will be used to cover the ART’s costs such as travel expenses, telecommunications, website maintenance, logistical support, document production, and a presence at suitable conference venues for disseminating the results. ART sponsorship naming opportunities are available. We appreciate your support!

Primary Mirror Construction

The Primary Mirror (PM) takes the longest to manufacture of all the individual telescope components that will make up the ASTRO-1 observatory. BoldlyGo Institute is pleased to have announced in July 2014 that Corning Inc. has agreed to donate the core segments for a 1.8-meter space telescope Primary Mirror to the ASTRO-1 project, so we have a big head-start on this activity. But we still have to fabricate another segment and then fuse the segments together into a single monolithic mirror substrate, which can then be figured and polished. Donate now to help accelerate our PM production effort. A naming opportunity is available - contact us today!

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